"Siren's Rain from Washington State USA, led by the metal vocal sophistication of Lady Hellzinger brings their amazing blend of Folk and European-styled Metal in the tradition of Nightwish and Borknagar that is sure to stimulate the auditory senses of any thought-provoking Metalhead and music affectionado . I promise you, you will hear a lot from Siren's Rain for years to come. Metal greatness IS in this band's future."- 

Based in Puget Sound, WA
Founded in 2014
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Independent 
The Band

Rena Hellzinger – Vocals/Harp

William Beritich – Bass

Ed Miller- Guitar/Nyckleharpa
Michael Heaney- Guitar/Mandolin
Scott Eugene Jones- Drums



Founded in 2014 by Rena Hellzinger and William Beritich, Siren’s Rain took to the South Sound scene in late 2015, touring internationally by 2016.


Offering a layered composition of metal and traditional folk instruments, Siren’s Rain is the premiere folk metal band in Washington State, blending the new with the timeworn.


With each album comes rebirth, renewal, and revival. Siren’s Rain is devoted to weaving the haunting and torrid tales of the mysterious North West in song and soul.  

In the Media

"Combining modern and folk instruments to create a unique soundscape that takes listeners on an epic journey. SIREN’S RAIN definitely succeeds at providing a tale that engages the senses. Not just the ears, but the mind as well"-Kevin Lewis, Metal Temple

Rena Hauzinger